Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Beauty sleep is something we all need, but rarely ever get nowadays. Life is too hectic, stressful and short to just get an amazingly full 8 hours of sleep every single night. I would be lucky to get 8 hours one night a week. Not because I’m too busy, but because I’m an outrageous insomniac. I have been for years. My doctor told me it’s probably a cycle that will never be broken. At least I grew out of sleepwalking. According to mother, when I was younger, I would sleepwalk into my sister’s room to sleep on the floor or would wonder into the kitchen and place eating utensils in the fridge. I’ve tried pretty much everything known to man to get better sleep, aside from resorting to prescribed sleeping pills and ancient voodoo rituals. So, I’ve come up with a few little relaxing remedies that actually work for me since my ever so cozy bed doesn’t seem to be enough.

better sleep

Obviously, blocking out early morning light is a big help. That’s where this Holly Golightly eye mask comes in. Or having black curtains, such as myself. I’ve found that doing word searches, like reading a book, puts me in a very relaxed state of mind before bed. Soft, dreamy Trip-Hop music such as The FLIR & 8mm (♥) is extra soothing to quietly play throughout the night. And the scent of lavender helps induce sleep. Whether it’s candles, lotion, whatever. I really like the Bath & Body Works lavender vanilla aromatherapy collection, which was a gift from a friend. Discover what works for you!



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