That Extra Half An Inch

Victoria's Secret models

Lingerie. We all love it. The sexy way it looks and feels. Too many ladies don’t take full advantage of the power it holds. Any old thing just won’t do. You’ve got to put some thought and research into it. It can really make a huge difference and instantly boost your confidence. Take a second to analyze the Victoria’s Secret models, for example. The way they carry themselves. That sultriness can easily be obtained with the right mindset and lingerie. Today, the majority of women aren’t even wearing the correct bra size. Get fitted! Ask for advice! Invest some time and maybe even a little extra cash for what you really want. Lose the humdrum, Plain Jane look/attitude. For practical, everyday wear…opt for cute prints and lace instead of just regular cotton! Give in to girliness. Be bold and have fun! You’ll find that it’s worth it.

I love:

Victoria’s Secret
Top Shop
Elle Macpherson
Calvin Klein

high heels

I can’t even begin to explain how important high heels can be for a girl. They play a rather large role in our femininity whether you like it or not. All too often, I hear the age old line “They’re just too uncomfortable.” Stop that! Just as I previously stated above about most women wearing the wrong bra size, which probably leads to discomfort, which eventually leads to no longer caring and just throwing on whatever…that also applies to shoes. If you don’t take the time to find the right ones, you won’t be satisfied. Make a day out of it with the girls. Discover what suits you best without resorting to those unflattering 80s pumps that do nothing for your legs, wardrobe or sex appeal. Lingerie and high heels together…now, that’s a whole other level of hotness.

I love:

Nine West
Steve Madden
Jessica Simpson

Victoria Beckham - That Extra Half An Inch

I like Victoria Beckham’s guidelines. Pick up your copy @ Barnes & Noble.

Because every girl should go that extra half an inch.



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